Yangsan Museum / 2012 ~ 2013

A great museum has opened in Yangsan City, Korea. For citizen to joy cultural contents,

education for children and also research as well as preservation of Yangsan City’s cultural properties. Effactive has designed overall sign graphics of this museum.

Though it was out first museum project, we satisfied our client and people at this city. 

Visit this beautiful modern museum and joy Effactive’s design where ever you pass through.

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The new Beetle.

Premium Showcase

To promote the new Volkswagen The Beetle, we set up the The Beetle Fun Station which customer can experience the new level of The Beetle with rock band performance and Fender instruments. Effactive has worked all design works over the booth and printed items.

The new Passat.

Premium Showcase

Explore the new Volkswagen Passat and ‘Touch’ to feel the new level of premium sedan.

All design works expressed

luxurious and elegant feelings to

show the new Passat’s concept.

The new Volkswagen CC launch

We worked for the launch of the new Volkswagen CC on April at hotel Shilla, Seoul, Korea. Based on the characteristics of the new CC,

we designed overall branding such as stage graphics, banners, souvenirs, etc. Sure we also created a wonderfully simple and stylish set of launch event stationery which included menu folders, invitations, table place names and envelopes.

Volkswagen Seoul Motor Show 2013.

We recently finished the design works for Volkswagen Korea’s Seoul Motor Show 2013. The concept was “Young and Dynamic”, so delivered bright and pleasant feeling to whole booth.

The new Golf Teat Drive 2013.

4MOTION Winter Adventure 2014.

The new Golf Pop up Store 2013.


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Volkswagen Busan Motor Show 2014.

We recently finished the design works for Volkswagen Korea’s Busan International Motor Show 2014.

The concept was “Design identity & innovative technology”, so delivered bright and pleasant feeling to whole booth.

All New Genesis 2014

Newsletter VOL. 023 / 2014

New Dealership Experience 2014

The new Polo Test Drive 2013.